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New!! The Hawk Mountain limited production Basilisk is a 2” all fiberglass kit. The airframe is made from a special very fine-weave fiberglass which produces a strong yet light weight airframe. The tubing was a special purchase and is no longer available. When the kits are gone that’s it. These are the same type of tubes that I offered in the Project Pack which I sold out of a while ago. The Basilisk comes with a 38mm fiberglass motor mount and comes in single or dual deployment. The Basilisk is 45” long and weighs 1 pound, 15 ounces. The dual deployment version is 64.5” long and weighs 3 pounds. Both kits feature fiberglass piston ejection with kevlar shock cords. The single deployment version flies great on motors like the Road Runner F45-5 and up. The dual deployment version won the Mach Madness contest at Red Glare V with a speed of Mach 1.2 and 8,723 feet using the new Loki Research Big Stick J-1000 motor.
Airframe:Ultra fine woven fiberglass
Length:45” / 64.5”
Shock Cords:Kevlar
38mm Aero Pack Retainer:$29.00
Aero Pack 38mm to 29mm Adapter:$27.00
Rocket Man 4 foot parachute :$40.00
SkyAngle Classic 28 parachute :$30.00
Dual Deployment System$86.00 - Add To Cart

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