New Longer Length! The Jumanji is a 4" fiberglass rocket utilizing a piston ejection system. This rocket is fun and easy to fly, and because it`s fiberglass it will last. The rocket comes standard with a Rocket Man 10 foot parachute, which is one of the best chutes you can get for High Power rocketry. The kit includes a specially modified fiberglass nose cone with a built in payload section, eliminating the need for bulky conventional payload sections. The Jumanji utilizes a 54mm fiberglass motor mount.

Shown with optional tailcone
Weight:104 oz. (6.5 lbs)
Fin Thickness:0.125"
Motor Mount:54mm
Nosecone:Ogive with Payload
Payload Bay:2.1" x 14" (In Nosecone)
Parachute:Rocketman 9 foot
Shock Cord:1" KEVLARŪ
Heat Shield:Fiberglass Piston Ejection System
54mm to 38mm Motor Mount Adapter:$10.00
Aluminum Motor Retainer:$30.00
Aluminum Tail Cone with Motor Retainer:$52.00
3" Fiberglass Motor Mount:$44.00
Dual Deployment Upgrade$170.00 - Add To Cart

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